Sunday, September 11, 2005


You know, this line is haunting me. I don't know if you saw Brian Williams on The Daily Show this week, but he talked about reading this line in the National Weather Service bulletin on his blackberry on Sunday, and the press weren't even sure if it was a legitimate message because they had never seen anything like this from NOAA before. It turns out it was literally from the last guy in the office just trying to make the most loaded statement he could so people would get it. There is a story in there that somebodyh ought to tell.

Somehow it seems to me to be a story that is much to frequent anymore. Whether it is the FDA or the EPA or the ACoE or NOAA, it seems like there are constant stories these days about professional scientists and engineers and logisticians warning everyone who will listen what is coming people just don't seem to actually take them seriously. In a world where all the coverage seems like 'Someone says sky is green, scientists disagree, ' it is not hard to understand why people might just ignore shit. I mean, obviously there is no consensus that the sky isn't green!

It doesn't matter if it is the Greenhouse Effect, a Hurricane, Plan B, or that maybe the dinosaurs did actually live 65,000,000 years ago, it seems that if any fucktard wants to ignore the truth, then it is 'open for debate'.

Now we go back and look at the resume of everyone at FEMA, and unless they have 'Acting' in their title, it is obvious that they are in no way qualified for their position. Maybe I am just a 'big goverment liberal', but you know, the reason we have a beurocracy is to put beurocrats in charge. Not Nordac the IT preventor or other Dilber nightmares, but people who are professionally trained and responsible for doing their job, not for a political agenda. FEMA, the FDA, the USDA, NOAA, the EPA, DOE or NASA, and you know, even the Pentagon, I expect to be staffed with people who understand the real world dynamics of their field, not people who worked on the commitee to elect whichever jackass is in the Whitehouse (even if it is my jackass).

I can't help but think, in a democracy where we now pick our leaders on the "who would you want to have a beer with" standard, it seems that the "who you would want to have a beed with" standard applies to every role of our government, and should we be suprised?"

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