Friday, February 11, 2005 "MaxQ records you using a web site. It turns the links you click on and any other input into a Python script that you can play back at any time. You might use it to:

* Check that your web site still works (regression test).
* Check that your web site is producing valid HTML (using JTidy).
* Automatically extract information from, or take some action on, someones else's web site."

EMMA: a free Java code coverage tool

EMMA: a free Java code coverage tool: "Until recently, the world of Java development had been plagued by an absurd discrepancy: Java developers had excellent free IDEs, free compilers, free test frameworks but had to rely on code coverage tools that charged an arm and a leg in license fees. As a Java pro, I would like to use the same free coverage tool regardless of whether it is a massive commercial project at work or a small fun project at home. I've created EMMA to be that tool."