Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Goodbye, Bill G. Hello, Don G.

You know, a little bit of me is happy that the Slate-MS link is finally being severed, but I am afraid its too late.

Slate NEEDS to be changed... back to what it was 3 years ago.

With the departure of Michael Kinsley, Slate became... MSNified. Too often, stuff that would appear on the front of MSN seems to show up in Slate. Tales of Britney Spears' nuptual exploits are not what should be in the "Arts and Life" section of a grown-up magazine. Coverage of the Donald Trump perfume is not what should be in the "Business" section of a grown up magazine. Add to that bringing in idiotic hacks like Mickey Kaus to fill a magazine formerly written by people like Kinsley and Crowley is an insult.

And while we are de-Microsofting it, can we go back to a layout where "MSN" is a a small brand insert rather than a stench of front loaded graphics heavy clutter that permeates the entire site? I guess not. They only got halfway there with Newsweek. It's a shame since WaPo's site is one of the best newspaper sites out there. Why they don't realize there web crew is better than BillG's is beyond me.


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